JIG Media Starts Honeybaked Ham’s Digital Marketing Strategy for Their New York City Locations

JIG.Media begins the activation of the digital media marketing strategy for Honeybaked Ham’s New York City locations.  Although Honeybaked Ham is a 60 year old company, that has been very successful in other parts of the United States, they are new to the New York City market.

Everyone knows that New York City is unique in many ways. There are tons of restaurants and franchises, giving New Yorkers and tourists, unlimited options for casual dining.  JIG.Media’s digital media marketing strategy for Honeybaked Ham, concentrates on educating New York City about the brand. For instance New Yorkers wouldn’t know that Honeybaked Ham also sells Honeybaked turkey, which is real whole turkey (not processed), just like you would eat during the holidays, but better.

Honeybaked Ham, also sells fresh salads, soups, desserts and more.

“I went into the Honeybaked Ham location on Fulton St, in Bedford Stuyvesant, in Brooklyn, and was surprised that they sold turkey. I had the turkey sandwich, and I was hooked”, stated Stan Parham, Managing Director of BrooklynBuzz.com. “This is an easy product for me to promote because I actually love it. I’ve been there at least 6 times since the first day I tried it.”

“Our goal is to educate the market on the Honeybaked offerings, which goes way beyond ham”, stated Vernon Jones, Sr, CEO of JIG.Media. “We will also educate the market on Honeybaked’s cooking concept and how they glaze their meats. When I saw their operation I immediately said people need to see this for themselves in order to understand the difference between Honeybaked products compared to products of other franchises.  And the prices are great too. Fresh turkey sandwiches are around $7. This is a brand that has to get their story out to New York City. We are happy to be tasked with educating New York City on Honeybaked.”

They also offer creative fundraising opportunities for schools, churches, and non profit organizations.

Honeybaked has two locations in Brooklyn.  One at 395A Flatbush Ave. extension, near LIU, and the other is located at 1413 Fulton St., across the street from the Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration.